An Investment group that acquires businesses in the cyber-security sector and help them reach their full potential


Horizon Corp Limited is a cyber security investment group mainly focused on cyber security consolidation. The Horizon Corp team has one core mission: to acquire, assist and build great companies. At Horizon Corp Limited we are able to identify strategic acquisitions, recruit high-impact talent and provide targeted, informed guidance, market intelligence, and strategic and tactical support, helping companies accelerate growth and achieve lasting shareholder value.

Creating long-term value. WE ensure your cyber legacy.

We are a proactive investor whose goal is to build an organised, collaborative relationship with your management team. We engage with your board and are listen to your team’s vast expertise and experience. Through working together, our Partners and Partner Support Group will develop growth plans with qualified and quantified actions plans to create increased stakeholder value.

Horizon Corp key points

Cyber Security investment group

Focus on the Cyber security market

Distributors, Resellers and Service Providers

Senior Leadership Team brings a combined 150+ years experience

Subject experts in Finance, Business Growth/Acceleration, Technical Product Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting & Legal.


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